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Phil 4:13 " I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me."

God has truly blessed this child!

This 16 year old prodigy is currently the drummer for the Rubber Band Effect and has shared the stage with numerous, jazz and gospel artists. This dynamic young drummer can sight-read drum set and piano sheet music. Although percussion is his passion, Isaiah is an accomplished keyboardist that has composed numerous arrangements. He has extensive studio drumming experience and has a working knowledge of Logic Pro 10 and Native Instruments Komplete 8.

Isaiah Ulysses Fogle started beating and tapping on everything that he could reach as a toddler. We bought a First Act Discovery drum kit for him and his gift was immediately revealed to us. He would try to imitate the drummer (Jason Dozier) at our chuch, Bethel COGIC(Pastor H H Edison) in Lawton, OK. Jason took time to let Isaiah play the drums after service and choir rehearsal. Thanks Jason!

The military moved us to Columbia, SC, where we joined Genesis COGIC under the leadership of Pastor Keith A. Kershaw. The drummer (Mario Williams) took time out to go over different grooves and fundementals with Isaiah to enhance his gift. Thanks Mario! At the age of five Isaiah played for an entire service while Mario was out of town! 

Isaiah's first instructor was Jeremy Roberson of Columbia, SC. He took on the challenge of working with a five year old that could play, but didn't know what he was playing. He helped lay the foundation with rudiments, and the importance of the 'pocket'. Thanks Jeremy!

We then moved to our present location, Birmingham, AL. The 2005 Drum-Off at Birmingham's Guitar Center is where we met Dante Parker, (Alabama State Grad), Isaiah's current instructor. He won the Drum-Off competition and began to help give shape to the awesome gift that God has given my son. Thanks Dante! 

We currently attend The Guiding Light Church where Bishop Jim Lowe is the Pastor. The Minister of Music, Min. Valerie Harris, and the other musicians have been instrumental in Isaiah's growth as a musician. They have taught, coached and mentored him about the qualities needed for a good drummer to become a good musician. Thanks: Cliff Payne(percussion), Sean Michael Ray(bass), Chris Davis(keyboard/organ), Cameron James(keyboard/synth), Sly King(drums), and DeLon Charley(sax guru).

Isaiah attends numerous drum clinics and sheds to see other drummers play and learn from them. The 2008 Sonny Emory Drumset Camp in Atlanta, GA was incredible! Drummers from all over America came together to learn from some of the greatest drummers in the industry. If you are a drummer that would like an opportunity to learn from some of the best drummers in the industry, make plans to attended this event in June 09. Get registered by visiting www.sonnye.com.

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